Saturday, 17 October 2015

Daily Dose of Stupid: Breaking the Streak

Humans are silly. We love to get attached to things, no matter how small or stupid. It's the reason we like cute little puppies, have a favourite mug to drink coffee out of, and why we all fell in love with a stuffed animal when we were young. We are so desperate for love and connection in this world that we can become best friends with an inanimate object if we try. Human beings will get attached to pretty much anything. And sometimes, that's just stupid.

It's 10:57 right now on a Saturday night. I'm tired, and quite frankly ready for bed. I don't expect more than a few people to read this at all. Those kind supporters reading out of respectful pity or caring sympathy. I'm lying in bed ready to fall asleep, but still here I am! Why? It's not for those lovely people, and it's not for the possibility of getting more. Honestly, it's because I named this stupid segment "Daily Dose of Stupid" and I intend to keep the streak going.

Because I'm human. I've formed a connection to this arbitrary rule, and if it were broken it would lose all of it's imaginary meaning. That would be a disaster! So, to anyone who might have made it through these midnight ramblings, goodnight and thank you.

Breaking the streak? Stupid enough to keep me awake. 

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